Reviews and Testimonials

"This kind of event happens rarely: excerpts from great Mozart’s opera Idomeneo and wonderful Coronation Mass, enhanced by conductor Yerzhanov’s unbelievable charisma… Sure, he has an ability to cast brilliant soloists, as well as an ability to persuade musicians with his energy, so Mozart’s works were toned with unusually delicate colors. Compositions of this restless genius were performed in surprisingly modern interpretation… Yerzhanov presented himself not only as a virtuoso, yet a great personality. Sure he is a romantic who keenly senses esthetic beauty and who is immensely faithful to the arts."
–Liter, Almaty, 2013

"The beauty of Temirzhan Yerzhanov's piano tone, not voluptuous, never cloying, yet luminous and firm, was immediately apparent as was his clarity of texture... the pianism was unfailingly brilliant and some ferocious hurdles, as in Schumann's finale, were scaled with wonderful lucidity and explosive drive."

–Musical Opinion, London

"Temirzhan Yerzhanov proved to be an outstanding performer for his ability to unite contrasting musical feelings into the unity of passion and moving sincerity...With various touch he could get an unprecedented and rich in tinges palette of colours."

–Zwickauer Zeitung, Zwickau

"In the final evening of the festival the audience were in a sensation: Temirzhan Yerzhanov performed Schumann's F minor sonata spectacularly, with great emotion and virtuosity."
–Nevskoe Vremya, S-Petersburg

"He performed a wide range of repertoire, from Baroque to the high Romantics, and mastered everything from the very simple through the virtually unplayable with apparent ease. "Impressive" hardly covers what his unusually large and adoring audience heard...That was a memorable event in my life's concert experience."

– Heuwell Tircuit, San Francisco Classical Voice

"Guest piano soloist Temirzhan Yerzhanov tore through Mozart's diabolical, digitally demanding last concerto like so much child's play...His sterling rendition of the concerto enjoyed harmonious balance with orchestra."

–Sacramento Bee, Sacramento

"Yerzhanov is the best pianist to be heard in San Luis Obispo County since Jeffrey Kahane, and is, if not better, certainly equal."

–Journal, San Luis Obispo

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