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"He has made each piece in his repertoire distinctively his own...It was like a jeweler polishing his stones and placing each one neatly into a grand design. What matters most and will sustain super-abundant talent."

–New Times, San Luis Obispo

"Pianist Temirzhan Yerzhanov made an impressive debut at the Annenberg Theater. Yerzhanov's forte was a series of Chopin works, including a radiant Fantasy in F minor, two nicely nuanced nocturnes redolent with trills, an impassioned Scherzo in B-flat major and the famous Grand Polonaise, played with uncommon flair."
–The Desert Sun, Palm Springs

"This pianist's captivating personality and outstanding playing enabled him to reveal the many-facetted structures of the work by R. Schumann."

-Eichstattler Kurier, Germany

"Temirzhan Yerzhanov's performance of Schumann's Concerto successfully combined the depth of feeling and energetic rhythmical strength. His performance was remarkable for its plasticity and precisely logical form... Yerzhanov united various moods by creating a totally fresh interpretation."

– Freie Presse, Chemnitz

"For most of Saturday's audience, the first half was the highpoint, thanks to returning guest pianist Temirzhan Yerzhanov and his essay on Chopin's Second Piano Concerto. Chopin, not Sibelius, got the evening's standing ovation. Why not? This handsome young Kazakh is an extremely technical pianist, a world-class specialist in Schumann and the Russians, and his charisma radiated romantic passion through the hall."
-The Tribune, San Luis Obispo

"As Yerzhanov's finger tips' were bouncing on the keys, the melodies presented tenacious strength in an repressive atmosphere which nurtured power. Its power got accumulated and increased... upon completing a piece, the audience was deeply intoxicated by the impact of the music, the largeauditorium was pin-dropping quiet with only the resonance of the piano music."

-Yantai Daily, China

"Young piano sensation Temirzhan Yerzhanov had just wowed the room with an intense performance of the Rachmaninoff 's Second Piano Concerto. He has an impetuous, heroic sense of this concertos emotional dynamic."

-The Tribune, San Luis Obispo

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