"There are not many recordings of Schumann's Davidsbündlertänz and even fewer recordings of Gesänge der Frühe. I must admit that T. Yerzhanov's recording of the first suite can be compared to one that done by the great Maria Yudina. As for second one, his is much superior that of celebrated Jörg Demus."

–Alexander Merkoulov, Professor of Piano Art History, Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory

"A brilliant talent, he has a subtle and clear soul, and in music he is also refined and sincere."

-Professor Mikhail Voskressensky

"Concert was a huge success! Temirzhan had performed Prokofiev with such precision, tenderness and depth, as if composer himself was at the piano... Unbelievable combination of power and sensitivity... Was a real honor to have this talented musician at our venue. We'll have him again, soon!"

–Classical Music Encounters, Irvine, CA

"I was lucky to listen live to Rachmaninoff in 1939 and Horowitz at the same time. Since then I rarely missed piano concerts wherever I lived, but no one touched me as much as you did tonight."
–90 year old piano aficionado

"Yerzhanov opened with Chopin's large, knotty Fantasy in F Minor, Op.49, presenting a hard sonic patina in the manner of Pollini and Browning, mediated by a velvet upper register and no end of pedal nuances. Yerzhanov brings an old-world sense of tempo rubato to his keyboard palette, so each of the works, including Prokofiev's blistering transcription of his own "Classical" Symphony in D, enjoyed a marvelousinterplay of agogic accents and pulsating syncopations. Playing music by Chopin, Schumann and Prokofiev, Yerzhanov demonstrated that happy combination of digital prowess and refined temperament Goethe called "Truth and Poetry"... More than one auditor could aptly apply the maxim given by Schnabel, "You are not a pianist; you are a musician!" with no less authority to Mr. Yerzhanov."

–Gary Lemco, "Russian Fingers," online review

"Pianist Temirzhan Yerzhanov thrilled audiences at last year's Autumn Apex concert with his amazing solo performance. We liked him so much, we decided to bring him back with the entire orchestra. In Yerzhanov's capable hands, Chopin's romantic concerto will "sing" in an astounding range of vocal styles -- from delicate flights of coloratura and fiery operatic recitative to a passionate climax. "

–San Luis Obispo Symphony Orchestra

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